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This is TeamFluent

Today's world of work is a challenging environment. As its complexity continues to explode, while simultaneously becoming more networked and globalized, collaboration and listening skills become ever so important. We begin learning these skills at school, but we at TeamFluent think this education should continue throughout our professional career.

In changing job roles and situations, people need a wide array of core skills. These include analyzing and solving complex problems, working smoothly together with others, operating under constantly changing circumstances, and acting responsibly and respectfully towards others.

TeamFluent is a research-based, practical solution for improving teamwork in real-life situations at workplaces. Since working skillfully together cannot be learned from books or practiced individually, we invite your team to try TeamFluent, together!

Key Features

Quick and Easy to Use The solution seamlessly integrates into existing group work practices. The mobile interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Detailed Reporting Watch your team and yourself progress. TeamFluent visualizes skillful collaboration and teamwork and shows development over time.

Scientifically Robust We founded TeamFluent on solid research, and tailored it for contextual evaluation of concrete work practices.

Research-based Unlike most tools on the market, TeamFluent has its roots in extensive research. We designed it to measure the skills which drive team performance in the modern world of work. The solution has been extensively validated with private and public sector organizations. It’s not a survey; it’s a scientifically proven, psychometrically sound instrument.

Engaging and Rewarding TeamFluent is not a onetime intervention. Rather, it’s meant to be used consistently along you and your team’s journey. If you want to get better at something, you don’t try it once and just leave it there, right? TeamFluent will support your team throughout the year, focusing on mastering one manageable set of skills at a time.

Contextual TeamFluent is not one of those surveys where you wait two weeks for the results and another two weeks for a debriefing. We designed TeamFluent to smoothly integrate into existing team work practices, enabling your team to implement it right now. Instant feedback visualizes your team’s strengths and challenges, allowing you to start discussing development actions immediately.

This is us!

Jukka Rautiainen

Jukka is an accomplished sales management and HR consulting professional, who is passionate about developing competencies of leaders and teams, and solving complex problems for our customers. Doing profitable business in the midst doesn't hurt.
+358 (0)40 570 4768
Philip Dexter, PhD

Philip is a highly skilled full stack developer with experience in working with some of the leading brands in Northern Europe. As our CTO, he is in charge of building and developing a scalable software architecture that supports our growth.
+358 (0)44 245 2207
Minna Lakkala, PhD

Minna is a merited researcher and facilitator, who uses her pedagogical expertise and vast experience in psychology and computer science to create stellar learning experiences for our customers. As TeamFluent's CSO, and together with Auli, Minna looks after the scientific excellence of our content.
+358 (0)40 725 4889
Prof. Dr. Tomi Männistö
Research Advisor

Tomi, a recognized expert in software architecture and variability management, is our Chair of the Board. Together with our CTO Philip, Tomi outlines our strategic product roadmap. Tomi also holds a professorship of Software Engineering at Helsinki University, and he is a co-Founder in Variantum, an experienced Finnish software company.
+358 (0)50 551 5463
Prof. Dr. Auli Toom
Research Advisor

Auli, one of the leading scientists in the field of learning and development of knowledge work competences, was in charge of the initial research project behind TeamFluent. Above and beyond holding a professorship of Higher Education at Helsinki University, and leading the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Auli is also a member of our Board.
+358 (0)50 415 4852
Matti Taipale
Growth Advisor

Matti has extensive experience in leading businesses in the talent assessment and development space. He is a highly renowned expert and executive consultant in advising companies on how to develop their talent. As a member of our Board, Matti brings invaluable insight into positioning TeamFluent as the new and agile approach to driving team development.

Our values

Team We strive to live by the principles of good teamwork. We foster an inclusive culture and “take our own medicine”, using the TeamFluent solution to improve our own collaboration.

Science-based We are not using science as a buzzword for creating marketing hype. We are proud to have a world class research team and we take the role of science seriously. Science is an essential part of the TeamFluent community culture. We are not only selling a team improvement app; we are welcoming all of our customers to the TeamFluent community to both contribute to, and benefit from, the high-quality data pool.

Data Driven We love data. We do everything in our power to maintain its high quality. This means we perform rigorous research and product development relating to the psychometrics and user experience of TeamFluent.

No-nonsense We get stuff done. Customer expectations are meant to be exceeded. We commit to working with our customers in a straightforward, flexible, and trustworthy way: listening to their needs, avoiding complexity, keeping our promises, and being accessible throughout the journey.

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